The Original Muse Girl – Christine Visnjak       

The founder of Muse Social Fashion House, Christine Visnjak launched her signature boutique in October of 2010 with one vision in mind: creating a comfortable atmosphere to showcase stylish, affordably priced clothing and accessories for the modern woman. “I dreamed of building essentially a fashion clubhouse where women could feel totally at home and connect over style in a meaningful and inclusive way. A place that hosted fabulous events and inspired clients to stop in and say hello, share their lives and their fashion. I wanted women to really enjoy the shopping process, to be able to create a look entirely their own and to feel confident and empowered by their style choices.”

With an eye for aesthetics, a keen interest in business, and the lifelong mantra “do not be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”, Christine began her blossoming career by attending the Fashion Merchandising program at Blanche Macdonald. Through her studies she was able to hone in on her desire to open a women’s boutique and develop plans to turn her dream in to a reality. Her close circle of local family and friends, and her own history in the area made South Surrey the natural choice for a store location. “There is a vibrancy about this neighborhood, and the people who live here. Everyone is close-knit and friendly, and the residents are stylish – they are interested in design and they want to be on-trend. Growing up with that same passion for style, I found myself driving to Vancouver all the time to shop for clothes, and I recognized that there was room in the area for a boutique specializing in well-priced, fashion forward women’s wear. When Morgan Crossing began construction I would drive through the site daily and envision the store – the look, the clothing, the clients. The timing and location came together perfectly. This community is important to me and I knew I wanted to build my business around it.” From there on, Christine dedicated herself to opening a boutique that would contribute to the success and prosperity of the neighborhood. A boutique that she and her family could be proud of; a boutique that would highlight the priorities and goals that had inspired her business plan from day one. Within a year, Muse Social Fashion House was born.

Showcasing a trademark aesthetic Christine refers to as “smart casual”, Muse features the same streamlined silhouettes, and the same balance of wardrobe essentials, trends, unique accessories and chic footwear that first launched the boutique, and drives Christine’s personal style. “I love wearing pieces that are different than what everyone else has and I wanted to offer that idea of individuality to the women who shop at Muse. I bring in a limited amount of product that turns over quickly, and I strive to feature distinctive garments that you wouldn’t see everywhere. In doing so, our clients can create an extraordinary, effortless and personalized look.” She hand-selects each item that goes in to the store and she builds collections with wear-ability in mind – functional pieces that transition from day to evening, work to weekend, at price points that allow women feel good about their purchases and build a wardrobe with ease, season after season.

Styling women flawlessly from head to toe, with lifestyle in mind, while fostering personal connections, Christine and her team have built an immensely loyal following. As such, the Muse identity is all about the clients that have turned her business in to South Surrey’s premiere shopping destination for women. “Our brand is defined by The Muse Girl: the women that love our boutique – who they are, what they wear and how they live. I feel so connected to each one of them – they are my inspiration. On that level, this business is very personal to me. I know that these women have a choice about where they shop, and I am so grateful for their support, it drives me to build the best possible store and the best possible experience that I can. This boutique is truly a labor of love and a representation of my clients and my team.”

With a bright future ahead for the Muse brand, Christine plans to grow and develop on the strategy that has created her current success: fashionable, affordable style with a personal touch. The boutique has indeed become the local fashion clubhouse she once dreamed it would be, and her clients will play an integral role in the next chapter. “I look forward to other Muse locations, online shopping opportunities, as well as fashion shows and private parties. I will always be growing this business, bringing in new designers, creating amazing events and really working to provide something stylish and something special for the women who shop with us. Muse is all about celebrating beauty and giving women an opportunity to connect through exceptional style – those are the values that will drive our brand in to the future.”

This local girl, turned entrepreneur, turned style muse is committed to making the world more fashionable.

One Musette at a time.